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Electrical House Design (eHouse)

Electrical House (e-house) design

Intelligently designed eHouses for efficient manufacturing, reduced material and labor costs, and easy delivery and installation.

The electrical power distribution industry is the primary user of electrical houses (eHouses).  EHouses are used as housing for power distribution centers, switchgear components, uninterruptable power supply systems, motor control centers, electric power generators, and other industrial business electrical equipment.  They provide a convenient and efficient means of manufacturing large electrical systems in a factory environment and minimize on-site installation time.  This allows for better quality and safer systems, reducing the risks of damage to electrical components and cables from exposure to environmental elements and less controlled field labor practices.  Systems can be factory tested, validated, and reworked if necessary, thereby improving the project’s overall productivity and shortening the time to completion.

Applications for eHouses
MCC Motor Control Centers
MCC Motor Control Centers
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Power Distribution
Power Distribution
Mandatory Design Criteria

There are strict guidelines and requirements that must be met by each design. These include the specifications written by the engineers that define the scope and overall design of the project and regulatory standards which further dictate mandatory design criteria. Our experts are trained and highly knowledgeable in structural guidelines, manufacturing processes, electrical safety standards, safety standards, building codes, and other regulatory codes such as:

  • NEMA
  • NEC
  • AISC
  • OSHA
  • IEC
  • FBC, IBC, and other Building Codes
  • NFPA
  • etc...
Flexible Design Features

Manufacturer preferences that gain you competitive advantage
There are some design aspects that manufacturers do have control over, which can give them competitive advantage. However, if the competition has better designs, then those design aspects will be a disadvantage. Renascence Engineering's team has many years of experience working for and with manufacturers. We masterfully apply that experience to guarantee you the most effective and efficient designs of anyone in the industry. Some key areas we target for enhancement are as follows:

  • Designed to suit equipment capability
  • Easy to assemble and produce
  • Less rework
  • Less scrapping of valuable materials
Customer Desired Features
  • Careful consideration given to include customer preferred features
  • House of Quality approach (quantitative and qualitative methodology) used to value engineer additional, preferred but not required features into the designs; maintains products' value when cost is added
unique labor skillset
Efficiency of Labor
  • Designed to suit your labor force's unique skillset
  • Eliminate wasteful processes
  • Value-added features only
Efficiency of Materials
  • Calculated designs to meet structural requirements; Right-sized (not overkill)
  • High percent utilization (nesting) of bulk sheet, plate, structural pieces, etc.
  • Reduce material waste/drop
  • Lower product cost (COGS)
  • Educated in jurisdictional transportation regulations
  • Design within DOT standard delivery size and weight parameters when possible
  • Minimize delivery costs
Ease of Installation
  • Modular, unless one-piece construction is required
  • Intuitive and efficient designs for simple assembly at the site
  • Reduced installation costs, crane rentals, labor, etc.
  • Clear and concise lifting, assembly, and installation instructions