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electrical engineering

RNA is your electrical engineering drafter to achieve your dreams.

RNA'S Function: If you think of DNA as the blueprint for cell processes, then RNA is the worker who puts the blueprint instructions into action.

Our Mission

Renascence Networked Assets is a family of related companies providing products and services to help businesses reach and exceed their goals. We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of our parts. As such, our subsidiaries support each other with technical resources, knowledge and capacity, creating powerful synergy that sets us apart from others. Our goal is to be the most knowledgeable, highest quality, and most efficient resource in our customers’ toolbox.

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    Renascence Engineering is your premier source for state-side remote engineering resources!
electrical engineering
Design and CAD Services


If you are struggling to meet your customers' demanded lead times or need to expand your engineering team's design capacity or capability, then call or email us for a quote. We excel in designing Industrial Control Panels and Systems, Industrial Machine Controls, Electric Power Distribution Systems, EHouses, Industrial Fabrication, and more. Don't lose any more projects to your competition because of extended submittal lead times or low-quality engineering output. Let our experts give your company the boost it needs to win more of your customers' business by outsourcing your electrical engineering drafting and design.

Electrical Engineering Services
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Reach more markets and manage peak demands by partnering with Renascence Networked Assets.  Enjoy the benefits of our innovative design process and expert teams.
Innovative Design Process
Expertise in Lean Manufacturing and Sigma Six
Strategic Planning and Consulting


With expertise in Lean Manufacturing Systems and Six Sigma philosophies, we work with your organization to develop operational standards and processes to improve your company's efficiency and quality. Get in touch today for a free consultation to learn more about how this service can help you.

Operational Standards with Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma

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